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NCAC Championship Philosophy

NCAC postseason events provide a valuable experience and competitive opportunity for participating teams and/or individuals. NCAC postseason events enhance the importance of the regular-season inasmuch as qualifying for the event itself, securing an opportunity to host, and/or improving one’s seeding are goals that ensure that nearly every regular-season game is meaningful.

Under the direction of the NCAC Presidents’ Council, the Conference conducts championship competition based on the following philosophies:

1. The student-athlete experience should be paramount when determining tournament and championship formats.
Ticket revenue, fan attendance and/or media exposure are not the most critical factors in determining the manner in which an NCAC postseason event is to be conducted but they can be considered, especially for logistical and safety concerns.

The impact a conference postseason event may have (either pro or con) on the selection of NCAC teams for NCAA playoff berths should not be the driving priority in determining the manner in which postseason events are conducted.

2. NCAC postseason events are a privilege and a competitive goal. In team sports, tournaments should be highly selective events.

3. The culture of each sport will considered when making any exception to championship philosophies, policies and procedures in order to treat each sport in an equitable manner.

4. Championship determinations on how a postseason event is to be conducted (e.g., bracket size, location) should be based on factors that are relatively static (e.g., missed class time and costs) and not on factors that are fluid from one year to the next (e.g., competitive parity between divisions, etc.).

5. It is preferred that the NCAC conduct postseason events at campus facilities in order to position the events within the greater campus community.
The Conference is/has been receptive to considering off-campus venues and/or locations that will either: (a) accommodate any health and safety concerns or  (b) facilitate administration and or completion of the event.
6. NCAC institutions/teams should embrace conference competition and excellence within the league.