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NCAC Sportsmanship Pledge

Support Positive Fan Behavior & Eliminate The Negative

We've all seen the painful examples of poor fan behavior at college contests:

logo Fans rushing the field following a big football win;
Fans rushing the court after winning a basketball championship;
Fans at a women's basketball game or men's soccer game screaming at the officials;
Fans at a men's lacrosse game running onto the field and disrupting play.

Conferences and colleges around the country have all experienced the same problem of poor fan behavior. The North Coast Athletic Conference, along with virtually all of the conferences in NCAA Division III, is taking a stand to do something about it.

Following an unprecedented year-long study, the NCAC, and other conferences, have rolled out a Sportsmanship/Fan Behavior Initiative.

The NCAC mission statement reads: "In a unified effort to promote respect for student-athletes, coaches and officials in intercollegiate athletics, the North Coast Athletic Conference and its member institutions pledge their commitment to build positive spirit in the stands and on the fields of our athletic events."

Our message is simple:

Be Loud * Be Proud * Be Positive

What do we mean by fan sportsmanship?

> Cheer for your team, not against the opponents
> Don't get personal in your comments about players, coaches or officials
> No profanity, vulgarity, racist or sexist comments
> Give players, coaches and officials their space by keeping away from the playing area and team benches

NCAC leaders want fans to support our teams in a positive way and have a good time doing so. We welcome and encourage our fans to be positive in their support, and know that most fans want to be positive.

As you visit our campuses, you will see banners exhorting our sportsmanship slogan (Be Loud * Be Proud * Be Positive), increased and active game management, and where needed, enforcement of the rules for fans on our various campus venues.

We ask that our fans please help the NCAC retain its leadership in all things positive by exhibiting strong, positive support at our contests.